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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 3, 2012 8:00am-10:00am PST

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>> maybe not. >> thanks so much, appreciate that. reminder, all the latest political news go to our website, a big day this weekend, a little football. >> are you a football fan? are you a football fan? >> i like the super bowl but you know, i'm not gonna watch the whole regular season. >> tim tebow in the house. >> that will make me watch especially today. very excited about t yeah. we will have his super bowl prediction and, you know, what he wants to -- i have no idea. are you kidding me? go to a super bowl party. i'm going to enjoy the game and the snacks. no idea who is going to win. that's funny. we will look for tims apredictions. absolutely. we will see what he says. >> thank you. live from studio 7, i'm suzanne malveaux, get you up to speed for this friday, february 3rd. encouraging news about the job market today, hiring ramped up in january, the up employment rate went down for the fifth straight month. labor department says employers added 243,000 jobs last month.
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that's more than economists actually predicted. the unemployment rate dipped to 8.3%. more of the numbers, including a look at what kinds of jobs were added. president obama has a plan to put veterans back to work as police officers and firefighters. he is going to outline his plan in his speech this hour, 11:25 eastern t would give grants to communities that hire vet traps of iraq and afghanistan. fire departments would get grants to hire and train these veterans. the map would also put veterans to work in the nation's parks. we expect that there is going to be strong opposition from congress over the plan because $5 billion price tag. just one day away from nevada caucuses, most presidential candidates campaigning there today, all on the trail in nevada, trying to pick up any last-minute support. rick santorum is campaigning in missouri.
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its primary is on tuesday. we have just learned two american tourists have been released now in egypt. authorities say the gunmen snatched these two women, along with their egyptian tour guide. that happened in the sinai peninsula. meanwhile, in cairo, violence now is raging. thousands of protestors on the streets for a second straight day. they are outraged over the lack of response from police during a soccer riot in which 79 people were killed. the latest violence has left three people dead, more than 1600 injured. new violence and protests also now in syria. this online video is said to show an anti-government rally in the city of hama. an opposition group says at least a dozen people were killed today, including two children.
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new report from human rights watch says syrian security forces tortured and detained children as well as adults. secretary of defense leon panetta believes that israel has a reason to attack iran and might actually do it soon. he told reporters in brussels he thinks that israel wants to destroy iran's nuclear capabilities before a so-called immunity period this spring. former cia officer told cnn why israel might be inclined to go it alone. >> right now they are saying you have left us in the lurch, we have a dangerous iran, we can't predict it and even getting the knowledge is enough to scare the israelis and they have a completely different mentality from ours. >> iranian officials, they are responding strongly to israel's threat. a lot more on that in just a few minutes. more now on the big jobs report. january just released today, the news better than expected.
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labor department says employers added 243,000 jobs, unemployment rate dipped to 8.3%. want to bring in crist team romans, she has been crunching the numbers. christine, put it in context for us. from what i understand this is pretty good news. >> this is good news. and the jobs growth was pretty widespread across most sectors except financial service and information technology, most sectors saw job creation and last year, 1.82 million jobs created overall what about the unemployment rate? fell down 8.3%. >>. i will show what you that unemployment rate looked like. remember when it got as high as 10 sisters in real concern for the economy, back to where it was a month after president obama took office, 8.3% is the lowest since february 2009. that chart there shows you how late 2008 all the way into 2009 into 2010, really the beginning of 2010, we sought unemployment rate just skyrocket and now it has been slowly drifting back
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lower. 8.3% still feels pretty rough if you are a long-term unemployed or recently lost your job but 8.3% is definitely an improvement here, suzanne. >> do we know what kind of jobs, sectors actually grew? >> you saw manufacturing, you saw health care, you saw business and professional services again, that was about 70,000 jobs there leisure and hospitality, transportation, warehousing. again, it was pretty widespread, those job gains and that's what economists like to see. the white house likes to point out that there's been 23 months in a row of private sector job creation because we know there's going to be government cuts, right, over the next months and probably years, so the private sector creating jobs is something that clearly wall street likes to see, too, because you have got stocks up pretty sharply on this. >> let's talk a little bit about the president's jobs plan for veterans, he is going to outline some specifics, particular sectors that he believes veterans would be able to apply and get some of these jobs.
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what do we think in terms of whether or not it is going to be very help. and very realistic here, what he is proposing? >> it's interesting because this comes at a time when you have got people who are going to be coming home from the military, looking around, trying to decide, a lot of active duty people figuring out what they are going to do next as they are coming home and a jobless rate for veterans, quite frankly, that has been improving a bit, higher than the national average, but improving. the unemployment rate in this january report is 9.1%. for recent vet traps. a year ago, it was 15%. so it is getting a little bit better, but the president tap nothing something, fire house, you know, tapping into -- getting funding for veterans to be hired as first responders because don't forget, those budgets are getting cut, so that fills a hole there, too. >> all right, crist team romans have a great weekend. >> you, too. strong jobs report, news on wall street, patricia wu is at the new york stock exchange, patricia, tell us about the ral slichlt it growing?
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what are we watching? >> hi there, suzanne a pretty strong rally, the dow up 129 points right now the nasdaq up 38 points. now, if these gains hold, the dow will be at the highest level since may of 2008. and so far this year, the nasdaq is up about 11%. and we saw these stocks pop immediately after this report came out and that's because the report blew past all expectations and the unemployment rate is falling because of real job growth. suzanne? >> all right, thank you. here's your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day the question, should politics have a place in women's health care? the susan g. komen foundation has decided not to renew funding for breast cancer screening ares provided by planned parenthood. carol cost testimony low is joining us from washington. carol, so many people are talking about this story, it has all of us in the newsroom wound iring what is taking place here when you have got politics and women's health care come lieding. >> i know, suzanne. whoever thought the fight
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against breast cancer would become so darn political, but it has. ever since the susan g. komen for the cure foundation pulled its funding from planned parenthood, the nation's political players are either declaring victory or expressing indignation. evangelicals like tony perkins are tweeting, "how long will it take for congress to follow the lead of the private sector and stop funding dubious business?" that could happen soon, dependinging on the outcome of a congressional investigation led by republican cliff stearns. lawmakers are trying to determine, among other things, whether planned parenthood uses public money to fund abortions. what's that got to do with the thousands of breast cancer screenings and mammogram referrals planned parenthood provides? a huge online campaign, tens of thousands of women say not much. as dark lady tweets, "one thing we are learning thanks to kmoen is how many people hate women and think all we do is get pregnant and gleefully abort."
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komen finds that unfair, staying decided to pull its money because of improved grant making procedures. >> we will never bow to political pressure. we will always stand firm in our goal to end breast cancer forever. we will never turn our backs on the women who need us the most. >> but no denying komen's decision is political now independent new york city mayor michael bloomberg will donate $250,000 to planned parenthood and senate democrats are now leaning on komen to reverse its decision, and of course, there is that republican-led congressional investigation into planned parenthood. so the talk back question for you today, should politics have a place in women's health care? cnn. cnn. i will read your responses later this hour. >> very serious to see if there are other people like bloomberg who actually get involved and start putting their money behind this battle. it is really -- he has got the money to do it. there are a lot of people, other
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folks around there who might decide they will do the same. >> well, i know that as part of that online push, it is part of a push for online donations and planned parenthood has certainly benefited from that. and planned parenthood is out there taking a political angle because, frankly, it's, um, good for fund-raising. at least that's the cynical view point. >> all right, carol. appreciate it. here is a run down some of the stories that we are covering first. secretary of defense leon panetta says he is concerned israel could attack iran this spring. now, there is fighting words back from iran. and then -- anger over lack of security at egypt's deadly soccer riot turns more deadly outside the stadium as egyptians fight police now in the streets. and these, live pictures as the president gets ready to announce a plan to put out-of-work veterans back to work. comes with a $5 billion price
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tag, however. and stay with us for the next hour for a live interview, that's right, with denver broncos quarterback tim tebow. going to ask him everything from football to faith. also, get his super bowl prediction as well. and we are giving you a voice. what do you want to ask tim tebow? well, tell me at cnn or my way to thor page at suzanne cnn. ask some questions as well.
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secretary of defense leon panetta is raising the possibility of a war between israel and irran. panetta says he is worried israel will target iran's nuclear facilities within the next few weeks and there is a reason for the timeline. republicans on the campaign
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trail, they are reacting to this already. i'm going to talk to mark preston in washington for that first, bring in jamie ruben, former u.s. assistant secretary of state. first, jamie, let's talk about what leon pan knelt ta is actually saying. he is openly talking about israel's ambitions. why would he be doing such a thing? is this a strategy to warn iran to back down or faces consequences? >> i think it is certainly true the u.s. administration the last several years, both obama and bush, have wanted to keep the option of using force on the table and since thesome government has been engaged in, i think it's fair to say august degree of psychological warfare through its statements to journalists, its statements to israeli -- sorry, to american officials, essentially what's happening here is the american government is using the israeli psychological warfare to keep this options on the table even though the united states appears not to favor such an option, in
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the hopes that it will convince iran to do what it has not done, which is give pup its nuclear program. unfortunately, i don't think it's working. >> jamie is there a downside to this? this talk here, as it escalates could it push iran to behave in an opposite way they want to, to move forward faster in their nuclear program? >> that's certainly one risk. iran is doing and pursuing psychological warfare of its own, threatening, for example, to shutdown the oil flow of the word through the straits of who are murkz through which much of the oil comes and is possible, as you say, that iran will con clurkd the case of pakistan, the case of india and north korea, the best is to accelerate the program, brandish nuclear weapons and say we have already arrived.
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israel detoy is voyed a nuclear reactor in iraq in 1981. iran is more powerful than iraq was back then. could we actually see an all-out war from this scenario? >> the example most in the minds of the israeli defense minister, ehud barak, crucial to such a decision is his decision in 2007 or '6, a few years ago to destroy syria's nuclear reactor and send sent in a combination of aircraft and i believe ground troops, destroyed the reactor. what they have been telling the outside world, journalists, the
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united states, syria didn't respond. we shouldn't assume iran would respond. they are different cases. iran is a country that showed how brutal and difficult it can be when it cracked down on its own people, killing hundreds of people and suppressing thousands. i don't think this will be a cake walk, anything like iraq or syria. i think this is a major step if it happens, and could be a major confrontation. >> l jamjamie rubin, thank you much. the republicans running for president bring it up as well, especially the discussing of the president's nuclear handling of the tension. bring in mark preston from washington. we have heard from the republican wannabe candidates here, rick santorum. he was on piers morgan last night. hear what he has to say. >> what we need to do is to stop bandering, stop playing games with them, stop apeegz them and confront them and in rallying their own people, just as ronald reagan did with the folks in the
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soviet union. >> we have an absolute hard-core dedicated people in iran who actually like the united states, who actually oppose their regime and we have done nothing to encourage them. >> mark, do we think because leon panetta weighed in here, we will hear more from the gop candidates about iran? >> yeah and we have been, sue zblarng the past couple of months, candidates on the campaign trail talking about iran, we saw it back in november. we also saw it in iowa, the beginning of january, where iran was a big issue. listen, this is a very difficult situation, as jamie just laid out here, politically here in the united states, the candidates who are running for president have to be very careful because you don't want to talk about putting ground troops into iran. that is not what people here in the united states want to hear right now. the big question is what about bombing iran? would you do a strategic bombing of these sites or, suzanne, would you back israel in doing
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so? bottom line is you have to back israel because they are our key ally in that area, but they will be critical of president obama. specifically, they will say that president obama did not seize upon the arab spring to try to cause regime change in iran. >> mark, you bring up such a good point, whether or not the voters really want us to talk about or discuss or deal which are ran is a whole other matter because people are talking about jobs. i mean, you have got some good jobs, numbers are out today the president is going to be giving a speech, do we think that people are going to be paying attention to iran or focusing on the economy in the general election? >> well, the number one thing is the economy and jobs, are people going be to employed this time in november? again, good numbers for president obama today or good enough numbers, they see the expectations but come november it is all about the trend line. will we continue to see the trend ticking down? that will be beneficial to president obama. however, suzanne, we head into november, we see the trend going the other way, if it starts to increase, even just by a little
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bit, that is bad for president obama. as far as iran, a very big issue. if there are bombs dropped in iran and the united states has to get involved in it that is going to be a big issue here in the u.s. >> mark, thank you, all going to be watching you because the next contest, the republican race, is tomorrow. we are talking about the nevada caucuses. quick reminder about what the caucuses are all b basically, a caucus is a meeting, a chance to change some minds, tomorrow, just like iowa. concerned republicans across nevada are going to meet in groups, they will subpoenaed spend the evening arguing over who they think should be the next leader of kournt and then they will take a vote it is more of a popularity contest but the messiness of democrat say the work. the latest developments leading to the nevada caucuses, complete results tomorrow night. stay with cnn for complete coverage of the nevada caucuses, tune in at 6 p.m. saturday for a special edition of "the situation room" with wolf blitzer. that is followed by cnn's complete live coverage of the caucus results at 7:00 with
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wolf, erin burnett, anderson cooper, candy crowly, john king and more. fierce clashes we are watching again in egypt. [ male announcer ] what if we told you that cadillac borrowed technology from ferrari to develop its suspension system? or what if we told you that ferrari borrowed technology from cadillac to develop its suspension system? magnetic ride control -- pioneered by cadillac, perfected in the 556-horsepower cts-v. we don't just make luxury cars. we make cadillacs.
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all right. we are helping you kick off super bowl weekend with a special guest. joining me live in the next hour of cnn newsroom, tim tebow. he is the denver broncos quarterback who took nfl by storm this year. we are going to ask him everything from football, faith, also his super bowl prediction, who is gonna win, plus, we are also asking you, what do you want us -- what do you want to ask him? tell me, suzanne cnn or on my twitter page at suzanne cnn. we are going to ask some of your questions. i want to go live, we have some breaking news, to deb fairic, this is the story about the susan g. komen foundation and the planned parenthood controversy. i understand that there is a development. >> there is as a matter of fact, suzanne, moments ago, we received notice that the susan g komen foundation is, in fact, going to restore funding to
8:25 am
planned parenthood. this came after a letter signed by some 26 senators to the foundation, which criticized them for stopping their funding of planned parenthood, which does mammographies on women low and medium income women. now, in making this decision, senator lautenberg praised the susan g. komen foundation saying "they are now depoll lilt sizing the grant making process and the refocusing back on its core mission, which is saving women's lives." the susan g. komen foundation, the founder, was under intense pressure following their announcement, they were called political that that was decision that they were making because of pressure that was being brought to bear on them, so, after great pressure, in fact, now they are restoring that, saying that they are only going to withhold funding, not if an organization is under investigation, but if an organization has been found guilty of criminal
8:26 am
investigation, basically adapting their policy to reflect that change, suzanne. >> deb that happened very quickly. do we know why or how, the back story, that they actually reversed themselves on this? >> part of the back story is a number of senators were going to sign this letter to the susan g. komen foundation basically saying, look, you have got to do the right thing, you have got to restart funding, they thought they were going to get a handful of senators, 5, 10, they ended up getting 26. that is a lot of pressure on a foundation, appears there were intense negotiations over the last couple of thundershowers reword the policy so that, in fact it would be able to move forward and give money to planned parenthood. so many women rely on planned parenthood for basic health care services. suzanne. >> in deb feyerick, thanks very much for bringing that story. a new year bring us to a new group of cnn heroes. starting next week, we will
8:27 am
introduce to you the class of 2012. first, robin limb, the dedication of her safety and women and babies earned her the nickname mother ron. she was your choice for 2011 cnn hero of the year. >> congratulations, how do you feel? >> full of gratitude. >> did you think you might have a chance of winning? >> of course not. we have helped so many people since 2005, almost 113,000 people got free medical care and medicine. >> what does that feel like to start with one person and slowly start to build the organization? >> i found that if you have a good idea and you do it with love, a lot of people want to help you. >> it was a very personal loss that got you involved in this. >> my sister died, she was pregnant. this was 21 years ago. >> what was your sister's name? >> her name is christine. i feel like she really helps me. >> you carry her with you still? >> yeah. and i think i carry her baby, too. >> what kind of an impact do you think this will have? >> the clinic we have in the
8:28 am
tsunami zone, that is safe but the clinic in bali is falling apart. it is too small for our patient care. >> you are hoping to maybe rebuild the clinic? >> we have been saving money for years and we did get a piece of land right in our village, so we are ready to build and now we have money to begin. >> you have 250,000 plus 50,000, so $300,000? >> yes, that goes a long way in indonesia. >> what keeps you going? in those dark days, you know, when you don't have money and when you don't have support? >> some days, i don't have money but i always have support. just when you think how are we going to pay the electric bill, always an e-mail that says we are sending money. just a miracle every day, just like birth. >> congratulations, i'm so happy for you and the work you're going to do and the lives you are going to save. thank you. thank you. >> thank you. one way you can do more to help world is by telling us about someone who is making a difference in your community. it is easy, just go to cnnheroes.c
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i want to go straight to president obama who is delivering speech on the state of the economy and also a new proposal to provide jobs to veterans. let's listen in. >> now, this is a fire station that holds some special significance for our country. on september 11th, the firefighters of this house were among the first to respond to the attack on the pentagon. you guys anticipated this nation's call during its hour of need. and as the years followed, as americans went to war, some of you answered that call as well.
8:33 am
and today's 9/11 generation of veterans has already earned a special place in our history. our veterans and all the brave men and women who serve our country are the reason why america's mi ae's military is t greatest in the history of the world. in the face of great odds and grave danger, they get the job done. they work as a team. they personify the very best that america has to offer. that's true on the battlefront, but we are here today because it's also true on the homefront. after a decade of war, our nation needs to do some building right here in the united states of america. now, this morning, we received more good news about our economy.
8:34 am
in january, american businesses added another 257,000 jobs. the unemployment rate came down because more people found work. and all together, we have added, 3.7 million new jobs over the last 23 months. now r now, these numbers will go up and down in the coming moment and there are still far too many americans who need a job or need a job that pays better that the one they have now, but the economy is growing stronger. the recovery is speeding up. and we have got to do everything in our power to keep it going. we can't go back to the policies that led to the recession and we can't let washington stand in the way of our recovery. we want washington to be helping with the recovery, not making it
8:35 am
tougher. now, the most important thing congress needs to do now is to stop taxes from going up on 160 million americans at the end of this month. they have got to renew the payroll tax cut they extended for only a couple of months. they need to pass an extension of the payroll tax cult akul cu and do it without delay, without linking it to ideological side issues. need to get it done, shouldn't be that complicated. now is not the time for self-inflicted wounds to our economy. now is the time for action. so i want to send a clear message to congress, do not slow down the recovery that we're on. don't muck it up. [ applause ] keep it moving in the right direction. beyond a tax hike, we need to do a lot more to create an economy
8:36 am
that's built to last, to restore american manufacturing, we need to stop giving tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas, give those tax breaks to companies that are investing in plants and equipment and hiring workers right here in the united states of america. that make a lot of sense to reduce our dependency on foreign oil, we need to stop subsidizing oil companies that are already making record profits and double down on clean energy that creates jobs and creates opportunities and new industries but also improves our security, because we are not as dependent on foreign oil. to make sure our businesses don't have to move overseas to find skilled workers, we have got to invest in education and make sure college is affordable for every hard-working american. and there's a reason we are here today, we need to make sure that as our troops return from battle, they can find a job when
8:37 am
they get home. that's what i want to talk about today. [ applause ] the war in iraq is over. the war in afghanistan is moving to a new phase, transition to afghan lead. over the past decade, nearly 3 million service members have transitioned back to civilian life and more are joining them every day. when these men and women come home, they bring unparalleled skills and experience. folks like jacob, they have saved lives in some of the toughest conditions imaginable. they have managed convoys and moved tons of equipment over dangerous ter rain. they have tracked millions of dollars of military assets. they have handled pieces of equipment that are worth tens of millions of dollars.
8:38 am
they do incredible work. nobody's more skilled, more precise, more diligent, more disciplined. our veterans are some of the most highly trained, highly educated, highly skimmed workers that we've got. these are americans that every business should be competing to attract. these are americans that we want to keep serving here at home, as we rebuild this country. so, we are going to do everything we can to make sure that when our troops come home, they come home to new jobs and new opportunities and new ways to serve their country. now, this has been a top priority of mine since i came into office. already, we have helped 6 hunted,000 veterans and their family members go back to school on the post- 9/11 gi bill. we have hired over 120,000 veterans to serve in the federal
8:39 am
government. we have made it easier for veterans to access all sorts of employment services. we set up online tools to connect veterans with job openings that match their skills. michelle and jill biden have worked with the private sector, with businesses, to secure a pledge of 135,000 jobs for veterans and their families. and with the support of democrats and republicans, we put in place two new tax credits for companies that hire veterans. so these are all important steps. we have made progress. but we have got do more. there's more we can do. in my state of the union address, i proposed a new initiative called the veterans jobs core, to put veterans back to work, protecting and rebuilding america. and today, we are laying out the details of this proposal. first, we want to help
8:40 am
communities hire more veterans as cops and firefighters. you guys have seen what a great job jacob's doing? well, there are a whole bunch of folks like that who could be doing that same outstanding work all across the country. but it's not that easy these dies get a job at a fire house. over the past few year, tight budgets have forced a lot of states, a lot of local communities to lay off first responders. now, my administration when i first came in office, one of the first things we did was through the recovery act, was make sure that states and local governments helped or got the help that they needed to prevent some of these layoffs and thousands of jobs were saved all across the country. harold and i were talking as we came over here, thousands of firefighter jobs were saved because of the actions we took, but budgets are still tight and that's problem we need to fix. you know, jobs that protect our
8:41 am
families and our communities shouldn't be the first on the chopping block. they should be one of our highest priorities as a nation. over the past three years, my administration's made it possible for states to keep thousands of first responders on the job, but today, we are announcing that communities who make it a priority to recruit veterans will be among the first in line when it comes to getting help from the federal government. and i know that's one thing, chief, that you have been doing here in arlington. so we want to prioritize veterans and we want to help states and local communities hire veterans to fire house and police stations all across the country. the second thing we want to do is to connect up to 20,000 is veterans with jobs that involve rebuilding local communities or national parks. that's why ken salazar is here as the interior secretary. he needs some help. and our veterans are highly
8:42 am
qualified to help him. they have already risked their lives defending america. they should have the opportunity to rebuild america. we have got roads and bridges in and around our national parks in need of repair? let's fix them. of course, congress needs to fund these projects. congress should take the money that we are no longer spending on war, use half of it to pay down our debt, and use the rest to do some nation building here at home, to improve the quality of life right here in the united states of america. [ applause ] and put our veterans to work. so, let's get more cops on the beat, let get more rangers in the parks, let's get more firefighters on call and in the process, we will put more veterans back to work. it is good for our economy, it is good for our country and good
8:43 am
for our communities. for veterans who want to do something else, maybe put their leadership skills to use starting a small business, we are going to start offering entrepreneurial training to our veterans we want service members prepared for battle and for professional success when they come home. so we should do all that we can to support our troops and our veterans, in helping them start a business, in helping them get a foothold in a fire station like this one and start moving up the ranks, doing outstanding work the way jacob's been doing. but we also need to follow their lead. we want to help them but we should also learn from them and we should remember from our veterans that no matter what the circumstances, those men and women in uniform, a lot like the firefighters in this fire station, work together. act as a team. finish the job.
8:44 am
that's what we've got to do when it comes to our nation's recovery. now, these are challenging times for america, but we have faced challenging times before. on the grounds here, you have got a stone from the pentagon and a beam from the world trade center. and that reminds us of our resolve as a people that remind us that when we come together as one people and as one community, one nation, that we prevail. that's who we are. this is a nation that exists because generations of americans worked together to build it. this is a nation where out of many, we come together as one. those are the values that every veteran understands. those are values that this fire station understands. we have got to make sure that we return to those values and if we do, then i guarantee you that we will remind everybody around the world just why it is the united states is the greatest country on earth.
8:45 am
thank you very much, everybody. god bless you. god bless america. [ applause ] >> want to bring in christine romans to talk a little bit about what the president is announcing here. so, crist team, first of all, do we think that this is a plan with a $5 billion price tag? do we think it is realistic that this will actually help those veterans who are returning actually get work? >> well, the idea here is to get money to a part of the economy that needs money and that is the fire houses and the police forces that have been hit by budget cuts, as the president pointed out. to the veterans who are coming back, an economy that is not exactly robust quite yet. that is the match the president in this plan is trying to make. i want to point out that the unemployment rate for veterans right now is 9.1%. that's what we saw from this jobless number today. these are the recent veterans, the iraq war vet traps, most recently. you look at the very young veter veterans, that number is even worse, 20%. but these numbers have been
8:46 am
slowly getting better overall for veterans. i mean, last year, the iraq war veteran also a 15% up employment rate. so, this is -- this is -- i guess what the white house is hoping for is a stimulus on a trend moving in a better direction for veterans. politically it is pretty smart, right? you are talking about police officers, firefighters and vet traps. who's against any of those people? and trying to find ways to get those people more money and jobs? so, this is clearly a part of the economy that's really been hurt and a funneling $5 billion how to pay for it, that is the question. every kind of program we will be talking about for years to come, i'm sure, how will we pay for it, suzanne? >> the political side, you bring up a good point, even if congress says, no, we are not going go for this program, we are not going to pay or find the $5 billion to support this, the president can come back and say, look, i tried. i tried to put these guys back to work and congress was getting in the way. so we will see how it plays out politically. i also want to talk a little bit
8:47 am
about the unemployment report that was released today. the labor department says employers added 243,000 johns last month. the unemployment rate dipped to 8.3%. i want to talk about the unemployment numbers with georgia tech economics professor danny boston. so, first of all, let's talk a little bit about what the president just announced. >> right. >> that -- does that sound like a sound program? >> it is a sound program and it is really, really needed because what christine just said is correct, but even when you break the numbers down more, if you look at the gulf era two veterans, those vet traps now being pared back and brought home, their unemployment rate is 17.3%. last year, 13%. the unemployment rate has actually increased. so there is really a urgent need to address those vet traps, particularly with respect to jobs. u know that you are a veteran yourself. purple heart, as a matter of fact. tell us about the numbers today,
8:48 am
you and i were talking about this in all -- in most of the groups, unemployment has gone down, even when you break it down by race and by gender? >> yeah. it is a really a stellar report. a really nice report, because unemployment rate has gone down and more significantly, the fact that there were some 508,000 people who came back into the labor market because things were getting better. normally you would expect to see the unemployment rate tick up a little bit because so many people. coulding back in, going so strongly, it absorbed all those people and added jobs on top. > where were the jobs created, where were they added? >> in the most significant sectors, right in the economy has been most hit in manufacturing and in construction, 44,000 of those jobs were added, 50,000, in manufacturing, 21,000 in construction, you also had jobs
8:49 am
in hospitality, 44,000, in health and other areas, but manufacturing, construction, 60% of the jobs that were lost were in those two industries. so the fact that we are growing there is important. >> you and i mentioned he might be able to recover all the jobs lost in his administration, president obama if this trend tops, correct? >> absolute fletch this trend continues, he will be able to recover those jobs and more, all the jobs and more. because now, at this clip, we are on a path to add about 250,000 a mom. >> danny boston. as the president said, he said don't muck it up. m, muck it up. have great weekend. >> okay, thank you. two americans have just been released by the kidnappers in egypt. and this -- >> another day of violence between police and protesters, take you live to cairo forth
8:50 am
latest on both developing stories. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge! forty years ago, he wasn't looking for financial advice. back then he had something more important to do. he wasn't focused on his future. but fortunately, somebody else was. at usaa we provide retirement planning for our military, veterans and their families. now more than ever, it's important to get financial advice from people who share your military values. for our free usaa retirement guide, call 877-242-usaa.
8:51 am
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8:53 am
two american tourists kidnapped today in egypt have now been freed but developments on the street of cairo not so good. more protests today sparked by the deaths of 79 people during a soccer riot. cnn's ivan watson is joining us by phone in cairo. let's talk about the kidnappings. didn't take long for authorities to find these guys who snatched these american women, these tourists. what do we know? how did it go down? >> reporter: well, aorder cording to the chief of security, the two american women have been released. we haven't been able to confirm that with the u.s. embassy in cairo. if this is in fact true, this happened hours after the women were grabbed, we're told, off of a bus along with their tour guide. they were near an ancient greek
8:54 am
orthodox monastery. there has been a state of kidnapping. and they were released from prison, akuding the government here of framing them and then using this as a way to get leverage against the government. >> it's unbelievable, since the soccer riot, we have seen so many people hurt there. what is taking place there in cairo now? >> well, this is running street battles around the ministry of interior where the riot police are firing bird shot and tear gas and occasionally picking up stones as they clash with demonstrators. more than 1400 people have been
8:55 am
wounded. in the city of and the difference now is that many of the demonstrators are carrying the flags and colors of the two main cairo soccer teams. the aftermath of this deadly soccer stadium riot when at least 79 people were killed seems to have mobilized. fans of the two biggest cairo soccer teams in the country against the government but blaming them for the loss of live. it's as if fans of the mets and yankees were joining anti-government protests. ivan watson out of cairo. thank you. a player is celebrating more than just the trip to the super bowl. how he faced the biggest battle of his life and won. glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] new glucerna hunger smart.
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from hyundai. oh, there's a prize, all right. [ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios are those great-tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. is it a superhero? kinda. ♪ flares a super size rematch. we're talking about super bowl xlvi but one player talks about his battle with cancer. dr. sanjay gupta has more on
8:59 am
this "human factor". >> he has come a long way in a short period of time. >> we're excited to be here as a team. >> the rookie linebacker is focused on beating the patriots. herzlich was expected to go far. as a junior he was named 2 defensive player of the year. all of that came to a holt in 2009 when he was told he had a rare form of bone cancer. >> when the cancer came, i wasn't just -- my super bowl dreams are dead. it was all my football dreams are dead. >> herzlich was determined to fight the cancer but after two
9:00 am
months of chemotherapy, doctors wanted to remove part of his thigh bone. but then he found a doctor that would try radiation. >> my dream was to play football. i knew that keeping my leg and doing radiation was my only hope. >> the treatment worked and he was declared cancer-free. >> football drove me every second of every day. >> herzlich returned to boston college next year. even though he wasn't drafted, he was still picked up by the new york giants and now he'll be playing in the biggest game of all. >> i think the biggest thing coming back from cancer, coming back to play football, you know, all of that sits in the rearview mirror now. there are such things of dreams coming true and miracles and i believe this is one of them. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. >> and in the next hour, tim
9:01 am
tebow. you know who he is. top of the hour, i'm suzanne malveaux. i want to get you up to speed. just minutes ago, the sus susan komen reverses a funding decision. here's the decision from komen. we want to apologize to the american public for recent decisions that cast doubts on our commitment on our mission to saving women's lives. we'll have a report on the change of heart in a few minutes. hiring ramping up in january while the unemployment rate is going down for the fifth straight month. the labor department says employers added 243,000 jobs. that's more than economists predicted. the unemployment rate dips to 8.3%. strong jobs report set off a rally on wall street. right now dow jones up 135
9:02 am
points. and we are just one day away from nevada caucuses. mitt romney and ron paul and santorum all in nevada today. romney has a big lead in nevada but he's been doing damage control over his comments about the four. he now says he misspoke. gingrich trying to recover from his double digit loss to romney in florida. two american tourists have now been released in egypt. meanwhile, in cairo, violence is raging. thousands of protesters are on the streets for a second straight day. they are outraged over the lack of response from police during a soccer riot in which 79 people were killed. this latest violence has left four people dead, more than 1600
9:03 am
injured. and defense secretary leon panetta believes that israel wants to attack iran may do it soon. israel wants to destroy iran's capability before the so-called immunity period this spring. denver is et goi denver getting socked this hour. more than 200 flights have been canceled today at denver international airport. part of the region could be digging out of more than two feet of snow by the weekend. susan b. komen foundation reversing a decision not to fund planned parenthood on some of their projects. this comes after michael bloomberg matched funds to make up for the lot of money.
9:04 am
deb has the details. this sparked a lot of controversy and now we have a reversal here. give us the backstory. >> i think the foundation was stunned at the swift reaction when they decided to stop funding planned parenthood, which some groups thought was a mr. it c political decision more than a health decision. they are in full damage-control mode and reaching out to a lot of supporters, a lot of people they may have alienated because of the decision. they said, look, this isn't about politics. this is about a change in our procedures. there was an investigation to see if any public funding was going to support abortion and because it was under investigation, the susan b. komen foundation reverted and changed their policy on that. this was all done within the last 24 hours. there was a closed-door meeting
9:05 am
between senator frank lautenberg of new jersey and they were able to hammer this out and the senator releasing a statement saying that the komen foundation will clarify its policy to ensure that only organizations found guilty in a criminal investigation would be ineligible for funding. that's really what it was. susan b. komen says that it was a policy decision but many say it was a political decision. they thought it was a move and screening to women every year, it was a huge hit. i think the foundation realizes it simply could not move forward if they pulled their funding, suzanne. >> and, deb, prn they surprised
9:06 am
that they were making a lot of noise over this. >> i think that also came as a shock. there were 26 senators who sent a letter yesterday basically saying that they shouldn't poll lit size a crucial issue regarding women's health and the foundation said that it was really deeply upsetting. and that's when funding will be re-evaluated. suzanne? >> deborah feyerick, thank you. mitt romney was the big winner. jim acosta is live out of vegas.
9:07 am
jim, romney leading in nevada. gingrich trying to keep up the fight here. how do we think this is shaping up? >> reporter: that's right. well, suzanne, we had that big distraction yesterday out on the campaign trail when donald trump came out and endorsed mitt romney. that sucked all of the oxygen out of that news cycle. but they are going to go back to work today and they are seizing on the comments a few days after because of the safety net. they went after that saying that mitt romney and barack obama has the same approach when it comes to taking care of the very poor. here's what he had to say. >> i really believe that we should care about the very poor. unlike governor romney. but i believe we should care differently than barack obama. both governor romney and barack
9:08 am
obama seem to believe that a, quote, safety net, is all that they need. i don't believe that. what the poor need is a tramp poe lean to spring up. so i'm for replacing the. >> reporter: rick santorum made the comment out of touch much in reference to the comments by mitt romney. i will tell you, romney did an interview with a local affiliate here in las vegas in which he made comments to soledad. obviously that issue works for them as everybody is talking about the economy today. i should point out, we're inside a country western bar.
9:09 am
i'm dating myself a little bit here. the dear bottles wouldn't hit them. >> that's pretty cool. >> >> what's that? hopefully they are not going to throw any beer bottles there way or anything like that. >> i don't think so. >> that's great. quick question, what do they want from the voters before they vote? >> this state has the high unemployment rate, the highest foreclosure rate. they want to talk about the economy, quite frankly, suzanne. they haven't been getting a whole lot of that here from these candidates because of all of the distractions and the sharp personal nature of this campaign the way it's been unfolding in the last week or so but i will tell you that it's going to be very interesting to watch, all of these campaigns today respond to that unemployment news, the fact that the unemployment rate has
9:10 am
dropped down to 8.3%. that's very good news politically speaking for the president and it's going to be interesting to see how the candidates respond. mitt romney putting out a statement saying if it were not for the president's policies, the economy would be doing better. that's going to be a tough case to make if the unemployment rate continues to drop. >> enjoy the country music as well. >> we will. >> complete coverage for the nevada caucus. tune in saturday for a special edition of the situation room with wolf blitzer followed by the complete live coverage of the caucus results. here's a rundown of some of the stories that we're covering. tim tebow joining me next. he's answering questions and we're going to ask him who he favors for the super bowl, what's behind the famous
9:11 am
tebowing mood. that's right. dozens of dolphins washing up dead on the shores of cape cod. we're talking to scientists about what could be the cause. then -- >> what's the demand like for this class? >> it's huge. the first two weeks of the semester, loads of students are sitting in the aisles and standing up. >> risk management may sound boring but it's got students lined up around the block for the course.
9:12 am
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employers added 243 jobs he a the unemployment rate went down to 8.3%. put this number in perspective for us. how good is this? >> we lost patricia. perhaps we'll get her back and she can explain a little bit of that. i understand you're back. patricia? >> yes. hi there, suzanne. >> give us a sense of what this means, the fact that it has now dipped and we're getting people back to work. is it significant? >> absolutely. it's dipped because of real hiring and confidence and they are discourage canned and no longer looking for work so they weren't counted. that's really good because this
9:15 am
time last year 110,000 jobs were added. we're more than double that now. take a look at this chart. the economy added jobs every month last year. we haven't seen that since 2005 and at 243,000 number, we haven't seen a number in that range since last spring. we're starting off strong. manufacturing, leisure and hospitality, business services are all hiring. but we did see that the hiring was pretty evenly spread across all sectors which tells us that it's a sign of rising demand. if we can stay in this range, unemployment should keep falling. suzanne? >> patricia, we want to dip into an event that we're watching here. mitt romney out of sparks, nevada, talking about the state of the economy. let's listen.
9:16 am
>> we need to get people back to work. he used his mandate being ree elected. he used that to put back a series of programs that he and his friends thought were important and we've suffered for three years american families have been unemployed or underemployed. and i was in florida with a man who said that his wife -- this was her due date. she was going to have her second child but they had been foreclosed on by the bank. he didn't know whether the home would be available to them or locked when they got home that night. this is what is going on in america, the strong guest economy in the world and yet people have suffered
9:17 am
unnecessarily. now, i spent my life, 25 years in business, being nervous about whether it would succeed or not. it did. it was the most successful kind of its world. it looked like it might hit a real crisis and came in to help lead it and i was able to help lead it and turned it around because those turn around experiences i was asked by friends to come out to utah and help win the winter olympic games. some of you saw that. [ applause ] and then after that came back to massachusetts, my home state, and asked to help get it back on track because we were looking at a big deficit and didn't want to raise taxes because we knew that would kill jobs and hurt working families and have the experience of helping lead in that instance. and i've learned through those experiences something about
9:18 am
leadership and also something about businesses and jobs and why businesses lose jobs and why instead we're able to grow and first about leadership. a leader has to convince people across the aisle, people who disagree with them, and right now in our country we are highly divided. if you look at washington -- >> you're listening to mitt romney there in nevada talking to voters there before the big caucus day, that is tomorrow. and next tim tebow is answering your questions. we're going to ask him who he thinks is going to win the super bowl. [ engine turns over ] good morning, illumination. good morning, innovation. good morning unequaled inspiration. [ male announcer ] the audi a8,
9:19 am
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9:21 am
occupy wall street protesters rally around the slogan, we are the 99%. but not everybody in the 99% is equal. 15% of americans live in poverty. but among african-americans, that number jumps to 27%. so now a new movement, occupy t the hood, is trying to reach out to minorities. it's today's what matters. >> the occupy movement began in new york and quickly spread. one of the messages is quickly drawing the gap between the west of america and that's what attracted him from queens but once there he didn't feel represented. >> i went down to the park and realized there weren't many people that looked like me. i complained why my friends weren't there at wall street. >> reporter: they feel
9:22 am
disconnected with the occupy wall street movement. >> my job was to bring it in closer. to say the reason why your neighbor moved in your home. >> reporter: he created the twitter occupy the hood. they took their message straight to the street looking to help those in need. >> peanut butter and jelly sandwich is the best thing that i could have. >> reporter: she is living in a building without heat or water. when the landlord refused to fix the problem, she turned to occupy the hood. >> i said, i'm in the hood. come on and occupy the hood. >> reporter: they came to harlem and occupied until we got a boiler. >> the first night it was cold. i had been sleeping in the park in zuccotti and i was actually surprised it was colder inside than out? >> reporter: it's the hope that
9:23 am
they will connect and get involved in the community. >> you see another person that looks like you fighting this fight and taking action that provides a tangible result that will empower them to stand up and do things just like that. >> occupy the hood is spreading quickly with organizations in more than 15 cities around the country. so we are helping you kick off super bowl weekend with a special guest joining me live in just in few minutes. cnn "newsroom," tim tebow, the denver broncos' quarterback. we'll find out whoa thinks is going to win the super bowl. [ woman ] my husband, hank, was always fun. never took life too seriously... till our son was born. that day, he bought life insurance. now there's no way i could send our boy to college without it.
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9:26 am
super bowl sunday is just a couple days away.
9:27 am
die-hard fans are busy analyzing the matchup. it doesn't take a football fanatic to recognize this guy, tim tebow, the denver broncos' starring quarterback. he went from bench warmer to the most popular quarterback. the season got off to a slow start and then led them to the playoffs. tim, first of all, okay, a lot of women in this studio excited to see you. i want to talk about football first in sports. i don't watch football really. i know who you are. you are one of the biggest sensations this past year, goes well beyond football. so you know people either love
9:28 am
you or they hate you. why do you think people have such a strong reaction and opinion about who you are? >> you know what, i'm not sure. i think it has a little to get to do with support and i'm very thankful for that and thankful that i get to live my dream every day and playing quarterback in the nfl has been a dream for me since i was 6 years old. i'm very thankful for that and that i get to play for a great organization, the denver broncos. >> some people have criticized you saying that you're not a sound quarterback. what kind of quarterback do you want to be? >> i just want to be the best quarterback that i can possibly be and put in great work with the coaches and get better every single day and maximize my god-given athletic ability and try to be the best quarterback that i can try to be. >> there are some big sports
9:29 am
figures like charles barclay. >> the national nightmare continues. listen, i like tim tebow but there comes a point -- listen, quit -- he had a great game. he's supposed to have a great game. they want to make it seem like, oh, the world is aligned correct. he does play quarterback. he's supposed to play well. >> tim, are they just hating here? how do you respond to some of this where people are giving you a hard time? >> i'm thankful i don't have to respond too much. he was a great basketball player and, you know, i've loved watching him play and, you know, i even like watching him swing a basketball club. i think he's a great player and he does a good job announcing. >> i want to talk about your faith because it's such a part
9:30 am
of you and when you were at the university of florida you painted the bible verse john 3:16 to call attention to your faith. why is it important for to you advertise and put out there what you believe? >> well, i think, number one, what i do and just putting that bible verse under my eyes, getting on my knee and praying, i do that personally myself to give the lord credit and humble myself before a big situation and then also, you know, just to be a good example and to be a great role model and to set a great example for the next generation and one of my ultimate goals is just to be a role model that a mom or dad can look to their kids and say that's someone trying to do it the right way and someone who is trying to have character, strength, and honest. >> does that seem weird in some way, tim, that you actually have people that call it tebowing,
9:31 am
the act of getting on a knee and praying, that it has become a verb and it has your name attached to it? >> i think sometimes it is a little bit unique but at the same time it's pretty cool that people are at least talking about prayer now and people are doing it. i guess i'm kind of thankful for it. >> what are you praying for? >> what's that? >> what are you praying for when you get down on a knee? are you praying to win? what are you praying for? >> i think more than anything, that regardless whether we win, whether we lose, whether i'm the heel or the goat, that i'll be the same person, genuine, treat people the exact same way and be able to honor the lord, win or lose, good or bad and that i don't change and that i'm the exact same. >> you have said before that you are saving yourself for marriage. are you dating anybody? do off girlfriend? i know a lot of women in the studio want to know. >> no, i'm single right now and just a little busy right now. but who knows. we'll see. >> what would you like for in a
9:32 am
girlfriend? >> that's a good question. you know, i think just kindness and compassion and someone that is very -- has an outgoing personality and someone that is very sweet, those are big things that i look for. >> i talked about a sports writer who said your biggest vice is vanilla ice cream. is that really true? do you have anything else you can share with user? >> you know, growing up my parents didn't let us have a lot of desserts but every sunday after church, we could eat as much ice cream as we wanted and so we'd eat a lot. that was a great memory for me and, yeah, i still like eating ice cream. i try not to have it as much now but i still love it. >> so if you're not playing football, looking into the future, what would you be doing in what would be your passion? what would you want to do? >> well, football is definitely my career. what i want to do in life is
9:33 am
what i'm doing with my foundation. that's finding a way to bring faith, hope, and love to those in the darkest need of the day and that's what i want to do with my life. >> you know, it's amazing because your name has even been in both the presidential campaign. i want you to listen to what rick perry had to say about you. >> there are a lot of folks who said tim tebow wouldn't be a good nfl quarterback. he won two national championships. we were the national job championships in texas. let me tell you, i hope i am the tim tebow of the iowa caucuses. >> are you following politics? i know you've had a chance to meet president obama as well. >> yeah, i do follow it somewhat and i try to stay informed and see what is going on. that can be an educated voter and understand everything.
9:34 am
and more than anything, i think it's pretty funny and any time someone mentions me like that, i think it has to be a pretty big compliment. >> do you like what you are seeing for the republicans for the president? >> you know, i think a bunch of them are great guys and handle themselves very well and i respect them a whole lot and -- >> do you have a favorite? >>. >> no, i don't have a favorite right now but i definitely respect a lot of different men that are running and i wish them nothing but the best. >> you know, you might consider running for office yourself. that was a very good political answer there, tim. we asked viewers, of course, what they wanted to ask you as well. we'll go with a couple of those. john asks, who is your role model besides jesus? >> you know, when i was actually young i was a huge gator fan and one of my big role models was
9:35 am
danny and he was awesome on the field and extremely humble and gave his glory to the lord after every game and handled himself so well and that is someone that i really looked up to. >> michael's asking you, tim, who was your favorite nfl player growing up? >> actually, it was another gator and that was emmitt smith. i was a big dallas cowboys fan ahe was a huge role model for and and one of the few guys that i had his jersey. >> all right. we can't let you go without asking just one. so who is going to win the super bowl this weekend? what do you think? >> that's actually a very good question. i think they are both two great teams with two great quarterbacks. i've had the privilege of going up against tom brady twice this year and fell a little short both times. i think he's pretty darn good and i think it's pretty hard to go against them. >> all right.
9:36 am
we'll put some money on it and see who goes all the way. tim tebow, thank you for joining us. a lot of excitement about your presence and great to chitchat about all kinds of things, including football. thank you so much, tim. >> thank you all. god bless you all. >> thank you. has never attacked a corkboard. ♪ give your customers the added feeling of security a printed statement or receipt provides... ...with mail. it's good for your business. ♪ and even better for your customers. ♪ for safe and secure ways to stay connected, visit [ thunder crashes ] the first and most important step toward accomplishing something is showing up. [ thunder crashes ] and with the most advanced all-wheel-drive system
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the egyptian government says that two americans who were
9:39 am
kidnapped have been released. but the violence continues on the streets of cairo. this is now day two of protests sparked by the deaths of 79 people during a soccer riot. ivan watson is joining us live from cairo. first of all, let's talk about the kidnappings here. how were the americans freed and how did this happen so quickly? >> we have details about how they were released. we lrned hours after they were captured, apparently by an angry veteran tribe that wanted some of its tribesmen released from prison that they claim were framed for a previous crime. also taken hostage for 24 hours and released, it's a bigger sign
9:40 am
of a law & order problem threatening egypt and we have seen the fate of daylight armed robberies here in cairo and the kidnappings of wealthy egyptians for ransom. something that is taking place quietly throughout the egyptian capital. >> what is it taking place on the streets of cairo? i understand that the protests are turning violent. >> reporter: deadly protests, not only here but in places like suez as well where two people were killed by gunshots. they are firing back with tear gas, bird shot. more than 1400 people injured. at least two deaths in connection with this and the
9:41 am
police claim demonstrators have taken over a tax building near the ministry of interior and throwing bombs doung, cocktails on the police. we've seen protests like this, deadly clashes in months past. the difference here is you have soccer fans mixed in with politics for the first time because more than 70 people were killed at a soccer stadium on wednesday and soccer fans are blaming the police for not doing their job keeping rival fans apart. suzanne, two rival teams here, the biggest teams in egypt who hate each other have joined forces against the police. it's as if you had the new york yankees and boston red sox together fighting against the police in the u.s. suzanne? >> that's a very big deal. ivan watson keeping an eye on all things across egypt really. a bloody situation that is taking place there. some women are wearing red today.
9:42 am
they are trying to get a certain type of health screening for all newborn babies. they say it could save hundreds of lives.
9:43 am
9:44 am
today is go red for women day. this year, one group of women is wearing red for their babies. elizabeth cohen is joining us to talk about what the women are trying to draw attention to. tell us about the campaign. >> it's really interesting. a lot of people don't know this.
9:45 am
the most common birth defect is heart defect. many of them are fatal. what is interesting, there is a screening test that can screen for whether children have this. for newborn babies, i should say. it's not uniformly used in this country. what happens is that experts estimate that hundreds of babies die because they were not caught soon off. this little boy is named mason johnson. mason looked fine when he was firstborn in the hospital. didn't look like there were any problems. the parents got his home and a few weeks old he stopped brett breathing. he was born with half a heart and needed two open heart surgeries. it would have been a lot easier if they caught it at birth rather than three weeks later. the second young man is a little boy named harrison and he also looked fine when they brought him home when he was four days
9:46 am
old they couldn't wake him up. and one little girl who sadly didn't make it at all. the little girl was a few days old when they got in their home, her mom was feeding her and she died in her arms and they later learned it was a congenital heart defect. >> what is involved with the testing? >> it's incredibly cheap. patients in the hospital often have a pulse monitor on them. it's glowing and bright. that's all you do. you put it on the baby. that let's you know whether the oxygen is getting to their fingertips. the only issue is that it does sometimes yield false positives and then that baby needs more follow up and it turns out that it was nothing. but everybody agrees that it's worth the hundreds of babies lives that could be saved. >> why isn't this test required?
9:47 am
>> this is motherhood apple pie. the problem is you have to introduce legislation state by state. new jersey does make it mandatory. it's so the bureacracy of having to do this, that these moms areal pushing for it. they want it for other babies. >> all right. good for them. >> if you want more information on this, pregnant women are going to wonder if they should get this for their baby. you may have heard about the dozens of dolphins now washing up on cape cod. today there are more strandings to tell you about. we are live with animal rescuers up next.
9:48 am
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
just today, more stranded dolphins washed up on the shore of cape cod. more than a hundred have stranded themselves in wealthy massachusetts. such a high number, very unusual. liver in wellfleet, mary, tell us what is happening there. have they been successful? >> reporter: suzanne, we just got a firsthand look at what biologists are facing. more than 100 dolphins have been stranded. they were able to get one of the dolphins that had been stranded. what they do is they take them if they are still alive, check them for ultrasound and like
9:52 am
this one, we are told that they are going to be okay. they are released into deeper waters. they are able to rescue a number of them and releasing them back into the water and tracking them and finding that some are going as far north as maine. that is a god sign. but they are constantly getting these calls. six dolphins were out there, a boat was able to take them into deeper water. this is kind of setting the scene of what has been happening here on cape cod. >> mary, can you help us understand here, do the scientists know what is going on here, why this is happening? >> reporter: they really don't. they are baffled by this. you know, there are stranded dolphins every year but the number is what is baffling scientists. the other thing is, when the tide goes out, it's low tide,
9:53 am
some of the water reseeds very quickly and it's adding to this. but is it a matter of weather conditions with the winter being warmer than usual, is it a factor of pot lul tants in the water, we just don't know. so far the dolphins that have survived are healthy. they really can't explain why this is happening. >> these are experts who know what they are doing. have you seen people go to the beach, congregate? are they getting in the way or are they recommending that they stay back and let the professionals deal with the situation? >> reporter: you know, they have 350 volunteers are tha are constantly helping. they are really relying the volunteers for helping. people are coming by and helping out. these dolphins are about 250 pounds. it takes several people to lift
9:54 am
them, get them on stretchers. so people are just pitching in and helping and being very cooperative. >> mary, finally, we saw that dolphin being rescued and wrapped and put back in the water. do they have a good chance of surviving? >> reporter: so farther tracking. they are putting tracking devices on some of these dolphins so they can see and monitor where they have been going and those monitors work for two or three weeks and they are getting very positive signs that these dolphins are going back out into deeper water. so that is a very positive sign. >> all right. that's good news. mary, thank you so much. we're going to tell you what people are doing to make this happen. time now for the help desk where we get answers to your financial questions.
9:55 am
joining me this hour is a personal finance expert thank you for being here. we appreciate it. greg wrote in, we co-signed our daughter's student loan and were refused a loan despite good credit. our daughter has a good job and has been paying off the loans each month. >> really, you can't. you co-signed. you're on the hook. you're on the hook for what your daughter is. if it was a car, she would be able to refinance and put it in her name. the fact that they got denied for a loan tells me that there's another issue. not the student loan. if there was a mortgage, maybe they didn't have enough equity in the house or the right debt-to-income ratio to show the
9:56 am
lender. >> okay. jim wrote in, i'm 65 years old, retired. i have some cds coming due in 2012. with cd rates so low, is there another option? you look at cds, treasury rates, the market over the last year. >> right. your options are fairly limited but one thing that i'm noticing, poppy, we have an increased percentage of those cutting into retirement that still have a mortgage outstanding and while people love that mortgage interest tax deduction, if you want a really great investment, stop paying off any remaining mortgage. it will give you a guaranteed rate of return. it's certainly more than you will be getting in cash equivalence. >> thank you, ladies. send us an e-mail to people with a machine.
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now for some stories making news. scary landing for ten people aboard a leer jet in pueblo, colorado. it skidded off the runway. one engine caught on fire. everyone got off safely. a dramatic rescue. a 9